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Dicerion and Tricerion

Dicerion and Tricerion - special candleholders that are used for the hierarchal liturgy. With it bishop blesses the faithfuls in certain moments of worship. Two candles  of dicerion  symbolize  two natures of Jesus Christ - -divine and human. And three candles oft  tricerion represent the Holy Trinity.
Dicerion Tricerion № 1 - фото
Article: 06ПД009212
Price: 299 $
In stock
Dicerion, Tricerion (gilding) - фото
Article: 06ПД009211
Price: 749 $
In stock
Dikiri brass gilded - фото
Article: 05ПД005173
Price: 849 $
In stock
Dikiri brass with fragmentary gilding and inlays - фото
Article: 05ПД005172
Price: 899 $
In stock
Tricerion - фото
Article: 05ПД003883
Price: 849 $
In stock
Dicerion and Tricerion with Gilding - фото
Article: 06ПД003885
Price: 499 $
In stock
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