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Everything in the temple is used to tune a person to prayer, and beautiful singing of choirs, and majestic murals, and church utensils.  Everyone who was in an Orthodox 

church noticed that the objects in the church have an extraordinary style and are distinguished by their beauty and majesty.  Even though poor or rich, the temple is a symbol of the Heavenly world, therefore the decoration, and furniture, including, must be appropriate.
Everything in the temple should look holistic and in a single design.  A special style is present not only in utensils, but also in other auxiliary items.  Some of these are - church stands, although they play a secondary role in worship, it is impossible to do without them.  It is the coasters that emphasize the importance of the item under which it is used.  They are widely used in Orthodox churches for organizing divine services while maintaining the stylistic integrity of the image of the church vault.
What types are there?
Church stands are primarily a practical item on which you can place or strengthen your utensils or shrine.  Their types depend on the purpose, in our store you can buy the following stands:
2. prosphora
4. for offerings
6. for rope and cross
8. the banner
10.all kinds of tables and bedside tables for a temple with a straight (as opposed to analogion) top
During lithium at the All-night Vigil, the casting dish is always placed on a flat-surfaced stand, it can be on one leg or on a base with four pipes.  In our store you can find in the catalog more than 12 types of holders for all-night meals.
Also in the temple there are banners, which are carried on the procession like a banner, they are kept in a conspicuous place in the temple, and stands in the form of an isosceles trapezoid are used as fortifications.
In our online store, you can choose a mobile stand for the censer, it has the shape of a twisted pipe on a stand, with two curly hooks, the workers of the temple cannot do without it
Another important support for the temple is under the ripids and the cross, which has the shape of three pipes on a support, and it stands behind the throne.  All other stands have a similar shape of a square or round table, with a flat surface.
Almost all items are made of brass, which is polished to a shine and does not darken over time, thus maintaining a light temple atmosphere.  The lid of some of the coasters is covered with a durable velvet fabric, which prevents the object from slipping on it.  Each structure is very stable and provides a secure fit during worship.
How to choose?
When buying church utensils, is it worth considering whether it is combined with the rest of the decoration of the temple?  You also need to take into account the size of the room so that the very coasters look good in the interior of the temple and do not take up unnecessary space, and the assistants of our store will help with the choice.
Where can one buy?
In the Axios store you can buy church stands at the best combination of price and quality.  When buying church utensils, it is more convenient to immediately take the stands for it.
In any case, the stand should be practical, that is, it should correspond to the functions that it should perform.  But, despite this, like any church utensils, in addition to practicality, the product should be beautiful and convenient to use.
Each stand is unique in its own way, as their production is carried out very reverently.  Each stand is carefully decorated and carefully crafted so that any priest can find the right product.
Stand for the dish 50x50x88 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012171
Price: 299 $
In stock
Prospornice 2387 - фото
Article: 02ПД011896
Price: 189 $
In stock
Casting stand 85x60x98 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012114
Price: 899 $
In stock
Church stand for lithium or ark with relics 50x50x98 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012113
Price to be checked
In stock
Church stand for lithium or ark with relics 50x50x105 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012112
Price: 499 $
In stock
Church stand for lithium or ark with relics 60x88x45 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012111
Price: 749 $
In stock
Church stand for money - фото
Article: 03ПД012110
Price: 129 $
In stock
Church stand for censer 102 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012109
Price: 89 $
In stock
Can not decide?
Call us and our consultants will answer all your questions and help you with the selection according to your budget, reason and preferences.
Mon-Fri 9.00 - 20.00
Sat-Sun 10:00-19:00
Stand for panahid cover for 30 candles 1755 - фото
Article: 02ПД011885
Price: 109 $
In stock
Support round diameter is 45 cm 2307 - фото
Article: 02ПД011884
Price: 159 $
In stock
Support square 40х40 cm 2277 - фото
Article: 02ПД011883
Price: 169 $
In stock
Stand for censer No. 2 2290 - фото
Article: 02ПД011889
Price: 89 $
In stock
Stand for ripides and crosses - фото
Article: 06ПД009213
Price: 199 $
In stock
Stand for the cross - the icon - фото
Article: 03ПД008405
Price: 99 $
In stock
Stand for foundry dish (molding), on cast legs - фото
Article: 03ПД008404
Price: 299 $
In stock
Stand under the banners (red), 45h48h85 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД008403
Price: 149 $
In stock
Stand under the banners, 45h48h85 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД008402
Price: 149 $
In stock
Stand under the banners, with a cast cross, cast legs - фото
Article: 03ПД008401
Price: 209 $
In stock
Stand under the foundry dish, chasing, 40х40х88 cm, (red) - фото
Article: 03ПД008400
Price: 299 $
In stock
Stand under the foundry dish, chasing, 40х40х88 cm, (green) - фото
Article: 03ПД008399
Price: 299 $
In stock
Stand, PD008398 - фото
Article: 03ПД008398
Price: 179 $
In stock
Stand under a Lity Vessel - фото
Article: 01ПД004818
Price: 119 $
In stock
Stand for Censer - фото
Article: 02ПД004819
Price: 89 $
In stock
STAND FOR ARK (chasing), 50х50х88 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД011570
Price: 299 $
In stock
STAND for ARK (MASTERING) - pipes - фото
Article: 03ПД011569
Price: 349 $
In stock
STAND FOR ARK - pipes (CASTING) on cast legs - фото
Article: 03ПД011568
Price: 349 $
In stock
STAND  on 1 leg - фото
Article: 03ПД011567
Price: 129 $
In stock
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