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Easter candlestick

The Easter service is beautiful and majestic, everyone who has been to the main Orthodox holiday at least once will hardly forget this event.  The very atmosphere on this day is permeated with joy and beauty.  Of course, the main thing that spiritualizes a person on the day of Christ's Resurrection is the joy that the Lord conquered sin, curse and death, and opened the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven to us.
Special utensils
All this is expressed in our worship, deep chanting, the beauty of the temple, the sacredness of night prayer, and even church utensils on this day have their own characteristics.  Some items are used only on these days, so, for example, it is impossible not to notice an unusual item with a priest during the Easter service - an Easter trikiry or a three-candlestick.  It consists of:
1. Cross resembling an altar cross
2. Three candles standing on three small candlesticks attached to the Cross
3. Image of the Risen Christ
4. Handles
5. Sometimes two plates on chains on which is written "Christ is Risen!"
Whoever was at the bishop's divine service saw how the Vladyka overshadows the parishioners with wild and trikiry, that is, candlesticks, the priest also blesses with a three-candlestick.  It is used at the Easter service, as well as the next forty days before the holiday.  With this Easter cross, the celebration begins on the holy night, when the procession is over, and the faithful stand in front of the closed church doors, the priest with a three-candlestick in his hands for the first time proclaims "Christ is Risen!"  They are blessed by the people during the Easter services, censing with him, beginning and ending the service.
The three candles on the Easter cross, of course, symbolize the Holy Trinity, who is glorified on this holy day.
 “Glory to Thee, who showed us the light,” the priest exclaims at Matins, meaning the uncreated Light of divine Revelation, with which the Lord enlightens every person who comes into the world.  It is this light that means the candle flame that we see at the Easter celebration in the hands of the priest.
The Cross is naturally a victorious banner, reminiscent of the Atonement Sacrifice, without which there would be no Easter joy.
Where to buy?
This Easter trikiry will be a great gift for a priest or temple.  The three-candlestick can be bought in our online store by choosing from the catalog.  We have a wide range of church products at a bargain price.  Our products boast high wear resistance and better quality.  There are many types in stock, which differ in shape and cost, so that everyone can find the right product for themselves.  The main material for manufacturing is gilded brass, decorated with enamel.
You can also buy a three-candlestick of water from us, which is used for prayer and other services.  According to the rules, lamps or candles should be lit on the holy throne, usually in the amount of three, and for this, our three-candlestick altarpiece, which will become the decoration of any temple, is ideal.
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