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Shrouds (Epitaphions)

What is the Shroud in the liturgical tradition of the Orthodox Church? The Shroud is a specially sewn, large fabric plate with an image of the burial scene of Christ the Savior or the Virgin Mary. Depending on who is depicted on the fabric, the corresponding shroud becomes an tool for various services in the church charter.

The concept of “shroud” is found in the Gospel itself, when the moment of the burial of Jesus Christ after His cross suffering and death is described. One of his secret disciples, Joseph of Arimathea, wrapped the shroud around the body of the Savior — a special burial cloth that the ancient Jews used to bury the dead. The world famous Turin Shroud is considered by many to be just this original canvas. Despite many disputes regarding authenticity, a copy of the shroud from Turin has become one of the souvenirs of this Italian city.

The Shroud as an attribute of worship in the period from Good Friday to Easter is appeared in the Middle Ages in Byzantium (around the XIV century). In Ukraine, it appears closer to the XVI - XVII century. Initially, there were no images on it, but soon the shroud became a kind of the icon of the position of Christ in the tomb, and this touching scene was embroidered on it. Around it there is the text of one of the Easter troparion, describing how Joseph gracefully took off the body of Christ and wrapped it in a shroud and put it in a tomb. On Good Friday, during the evening service shroud is taken out to the center of the temple for worship and there it is located almost until the night of Easter. Before this service begins, it is brought to the altar and placed on the holy throne. From then on, she will be there for 40 days. During the Easter period, all services are performed right on the shroud. Since now it is an obligatory thing for every Orthodox church, the production of such utensils was also established. You can buy the shroud of the Savior in our Axios online store. We offer a wide selection of various shrouds and work only with the best suppliers.

The shroud with the image of the Mother of God in use appears even later. It depicts a scene of the burial of the Virgin Mary, which is known from the Holy Tradition. Instead of the Easter troparion, the troparion of the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 28),  is embroidered around because this shroud for worship is carried out on the eve of the holiday, and after it is brought back to the place of its storage. Such a service is performed mainly in monasteries and large cathedrals, but recently it has also spread to ordinary parishes. You can buy the shroud of the Virgin Mary in our store with just a couple of mouse clicks. We will provide fast delivery to anywhere in Ukraine and the world.

In the Axios online store, you can not only buy a shroud for your parish, but also purchase other Orthodox items at an affordable price. Our managers are always ready to help you with a choice and explain the features of each product.


Shroud of the Virgin 150x100 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012097
Price: 299 $
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Shroud of the Savior 140x90 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012096
Price: 219 $
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Shroud of the Savior 120x80 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012095
Price: 199 $
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Shroud of the Savior 120x80 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012094
Price: 189 $
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Shroud of the Virgin 120x80 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012093
Price: 189 $
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Epitaphion  97x175 cm, embroidery on velvet, thermal printing - фото
Article: 01ПД009995
Price: 299 $
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