• Icon antique Rev. Adrian Poshehonsky 21x29 cm
  • Icon antique Rev. Adrian Poshehonsky 21x29 cm
  • Icon antique Rev. Adrian Poshehonsky 21x29 cm
  • Icon antique Rev. Adrian Poshehonsky 21x29 cm

Icon antique Rev. Adrian Poshehonsky 21x29 cm

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Adrian Monk Poshehonsky - abbot, a martyr for Christ, Wonderworker glorified at the Cathedral of Saints of Rostov and Yaroslavl.

St. Adrian was born in Rostov in the early 16th century. The exact date of his birth is unknown. We also know very little about his parents and how he spent his early years. It is known that in his youth he became a deacon in Kornilievom Komel'sk convent and bore obedience iconographer. As long as he was alive the founder of the monastery abbot Cornelius, Adrian remained with him. But he wished the death of Adrian pustynnozhitelstva and begged the new abbot Lawrence to let him go to another place. Lawrence blessed him and Leonid novice and let them go in peace.

Adrian and his companion went to Poshehonsky county and there chose a place for a secluded monastic community. in the woods, they built a hut, which was the beginning of a new monastery in September 1539. Gradually, she began to settle around the other brothers who want a secluded feat. Over time they became enough to form a real monastery. Adrian went to Moscow and received Metropolitan Macarius permit igumenstvo, and some time later was built and consecrated the first church of the monastery - the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He died faithful companion of Hadrian After the construction - Leonid.

St. Adrian devoted much time to prayer, iconography and pastoral works.

The monastery gradually built and strengthened, increasing the number of the brethren, but he appeared angry envious. On the night of March 6, 1550 at the monastery was attacked by a gang of robbers. They betrayed tortured abbot Hadrian and killed him. He gave up his soul to the Lord forgave their tormentors. The brutal barbarians sacked the Assumption Church, killed several monks mocked shrines. Before leaving, they took the body of St. Adrian, and cast it away from the monastery, intending to burn it later, but their plans to prevent a farmer Isidore, who had time to pick up and secretly bury the Reverend. Only after his tomb was discovered 70 years, and the robbers were soon caught and severely punished.

Beautiful wooden icon with the image formed in the canonical style antique. Production technique completely mimics the old icons. The front surface is covered with varnish. The frame is made of wood. Compact and easy to take with you on a journey, a pilgrimage, or add it to the home iconostasis. Each icon is packaged in a pretty envelope of burlap.

Material: natural wood, paint, varnish, lithography

Size: 21x29 cm

We can manufacture any canonical icon on your order: images of the Saviour, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Saints or the Orthodox holidays. Price is not changed. It will depend on the size of the icons.

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