The wedding is one of the main seven sacraments of the Orthodox Church, during which the newlyweds receive more blessing for marriage and give before God vows of mutual faithfulness. The modern rank of the wedding was introduced in the 10th century in Byzantium in the imperial ceremonial, and then it was distributed among ordinary people. However, Christianity from the first centuries attached great importance to the wedding issue. It should not be forgotten that it was at the wedding in Cana of Galilee that Christ created the first miracle. So what do you need to get married in the Orthodox Church?


Wedding icons in modern society have become an indispensable element of every wedding and one of the symbols of church marriage. Therefore, many future newlyweds often have many questions about the icons at the wedding: what should they be, what does the Church say about them and, most practical, who keep the icons during the wedding? To dispel all superstitions and prejudices in this area, we offer you the following text.



Parental blessing for marriage is an important and exciting rite, which precedes the ordinance of the church wedding.


The wedding is a wonderful event in the life of every person, which marks the emergence of a new union of two loving hearts. The Orthodox Church has long attached a sacred significance to the wedding ceremony. It was established a special sacrament of the marriage or wedding, in which the newlyweds give before God vows in fidelity to each other and receive the blessing from above for a happy life together and the birth of children. The obligatory attribute of this ceremony was the wedding icons. What icons should I get for the wedding? What images would be appropriate to give a young family? The answers to these and other similar questions can be found in our material.


Everyone who prepares for the wedding is asked this question, which is usually offered an infinite number of answers, many of which appeal to the authority of popular traditions, beliefs, etc. Sometimes the recommended amount reaches forty rushnikov advised to cover everything that can be . We decided not to follow such examples, but to be guided by common sense and give an adequate answer to this wedding question.

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