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Wandering through the cozy streets of Podil district in the direction of the Dnipro River, you would pass a neat church, located on the corner of Pochayninska and Naberezhno-Khreschatytska streets. A small church with a wide dome, a bell tower and outbuildings greets the parishioners with an inscription that this is the place where the church of the Holy Prophet Elijah was located - the first Christian church in Rus. First mentioned in chronicles in 944, the Church of St. Elijah remains a spiritual center for residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital.



The wedding is one of the main seven sacraments of the Orthodox Church, during which the newlyweds receive more blessing for marriage and give before God vows of mutual faithfulness. The modern rank of the wedding was introduced in the 10th century in Byzantium in the imperial ceremonial, and then it was distributed among ordinary people. However, Christianity from the first centuries attached great importance to the wedding issue. It should not be forgotten that it was at the wedding in Cana of Galilee that Christ created the first miracle. So what do you need to get married in the Orthodox Church?


Holy Trinity Day, or Pentecost, is one of the largest Christian holidays, which is especially celebrated in Ukraine. It is associated with many folk customs, mainly related to the decoration and consecration of various plants. Because of this, this day, which always falls on a Sunday, is called "Kneeling Sunday" or "Green Holidays". Unfortunately, for many people the decoration of the house with flowers and plants and is the main meaning of this holiday. But in reality, the Christian significance of Pentecost goes beyond all folk traditions. Read how to properly prepare for the Trinity Day and celebrate this day in our article.



Commemoration of the dead is one of the obligatory elements of liturgical practice in the Orthodox Church. Prayer for the dead is celebrated both on the day of special remembrance and during the morning prayer at home every day. The Christian custom of praying for the dead was very well received by our ancestors, since the cult of the dead has been widespread in pagan times since Ukraine. Over time, Ukrainian folk traditions have been mixed with Christian rites, and as a result, we now have a great deal of prejudice associated with the commemoration of the dead. How, then, is it proper to remember the dead in the church? This is what our material will tell us today.


Churches and temples in Ukraine are the architectural dominant, the main buildings for towns and villages. All the social life of Ukrainians raged near the churches. There are more than thirty thousand places of worship in our country, but some of them are truly unique. That is why we will talk about the five most unusual temples in Ukraine that you can visit during yout traveling in our beautiful country.



Worship is the main activity which unites us in the church every Sunday and on holidays. Common prayer for one another and participation in the Sacrament of Holy Communion are vital for every believer. We have come to understand this especially in times of current quarantine, when access to temples is restricted and not everyone is able to attend the liturgy. This period of interruption in our involvement in worship served very well to explain how important these services are for Christians, and to show how sometimes we have neglected to worship in the temple. That is why we think it is very appropriate to talk about not a very pleasant topic right now, namely what mistakes we make in the Church during the Divine service.



There are some times in every person's life when everyone needs to talk to the Creator and Savior, that is, to pray. We call to God in prayers in times of joy and sorrow, asking Him for help or giving thanks for it. 


Easter has its culinary embodiment - this is Easter cake, or paska. But every year the housewives try to diversify Easter pastries, add something new to the Easter cakes and make the holiday table richer and more beautiful. There is nothing wrong with this: the pursuit of beauty - spiritual and physical - reflects the values of the Christian religion. How is baking related to Easter, what was Kulich before and what else do housewives bake for Easter? Answers to questions and top 5 recipes for the most popular Easter baking 2020 - in our article.


The great Easter holiday falls in 2020 on April 19th. In this article you will learn: how to prepare for Easter, how to spend this day and the next week after what you can and cannot do during Lent and on the day of Easter.

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